Tile Cleaning Process

29th St afterThe method and media we use can vary, and will depend on the type of surface (as well as deposits) we are cleaning. We can use just about anything for blasting media, however generally we will use a type of soda called Kieserite which is very soft and produces a very desirable finish on most tiles.

The materials used in this process are completely non-toxic and inert; they will not react with the water nor damage any components of your pool, fountain, or water feature.

Our process does not require you to drain your pool, we simply lower your water level down just enough to expose the surface needing to be cleaned, on average just a few inches, and Vail Pools can pump out the required amount of water for us to start the cleaning process in mere minutes.

When finished cleaning your pool tile or stone surfaces, Vail Pools removes as much media as possible from your pool, fountain, or water feature as possible with the use of a special pump and vacuum. We recirculate the water back into your pool and vacuum out the media and debris leaving you with a sparkling pool that looks as good as it did before we started, minus the ugly calcium line and scum buildup.

After your tile, or pebble Tec has been cleaned Vail Pools will apply a sealant to the surface, which helps reduce the amount of future build-up and preserves the beautiful clean look of your pool.

We will use a soda mineral called Kieserite, or Maxx Strip on tile surfaces, delivered by the Media Injected Water blasting method. Pebble tec will generally be cleaned with a courser version of Maxx Strip.



Q. Does my pool have to be drained?

A. No, Vail Pools will remove only a small amount of water in order to expose the surface to be cleaned – generally 2 to 6 inches


Q. How long does it take?

A. It all depends on the size of the job, typical a little under four hours. More time is needed for heavier cleaning, and water features and we will gladly spend the time to do so.


Q. Will this hurt my Filter or Pump?

A. No, Vail Pools will clean out as much of the media as possible. Sometimes a tiny amount may settle after the tile cleaning process and will not damage your pools cleaning system.


Q. Why is the water cloudy, when you finish?

A. Two things can cause this: First, much of the calcium and buildup we remove during our process ends up suspended the water. While we vacuum extensively to remove the media from your pool there are microscopic particles of calcium, and tiny amounts of media temporarily suspended in the water. Running your filter overnight will help clear it right up. Second, depending on your water chemistry (its density & ability to suspend material) it may or may not be cloudy at all when we finish.


Q. What type of blasting and cleaning media will you use?

A. It all depends on the surface to be cleaned, and the deposits to be removed. We will use the least abrasive media and process that will do the job on your surface